Friday, July 06, 2007

Aquatics Jobs; AKA Lifeguards

Picture of Lifeguard Ross Wheaton, from the Arlington Connections
It is getting hard for me to sit and read the paper anymore. All I read about is jobs that are not filling and kids that are taking their youth for granted. Studies are showing that more colleges turned down straight "A" and perfect SAT for more rounded individuals. One field that I find interesting for many reason is lifeguards, what a great way to spend your summer, plus if it rains you get paid. You can work at the Jersey Shore or a local pool. Working as a lifeguard teaches you many things most of all attention to detail, in a instant, if you are not paying attention, someone could drown.
You have 4 years in High school and 4 more in college, make the most of your time but don't forget that you are young also.


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